About Us

Crazy Nutrition was born from a tight knit team of health industry rebels. We've been disrupting the supplement world for over a decade, and we're not planning on slowing down any time soon.

We're on a mission to clean up this notoriously confusing industry

Here are the 5 core values that get us out of bed every morning:


Crazy Nutrition is founded on the idea that sports nutrition should be simple, so we cut through the noise by offering just 4 proven products that provide everything you need... and nothing else.


All Crazy Nutrition product formulations are based on the latest breakthroughs in sports nutrition. Our research nerds spend countless hours pouring through page after page of scientific studies (so you don't have to).


Crazy Nutrition's no-nonsense products are made with clean ingredients sourced from whole foods — and no garbage fillers to gunk up your system. We select the best nutrient forms for max absorption and utilization so you always experience superior results.


Most supplement companies price high because they know you'll never be back to buy more of their bunk products. At Crazy Nutrition we price low because it's our plan to become your long-term nutrition partner.


We know Crazy Nutrition products can help you reach the next level, but if they don't, we'll be happy to issue you a hassle-free refund. No one else in our industry is willing to do this!
As you can see, we've worked our tails off to create the ultimate sports nutrition products for boosting motivation, energy, focus, and strength. Hundreds of thousands of amateur athletes (and a handful of pros) lean on our formulas and we hope you'll put us to the test, too.
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